This could be a good 18 hole course, but they decided to go for 27. The site consists of two plots on either side of the clubhouse and the larger one was selected to house 18 holes plus driving range and practice facilities. The result are six par 3s and six very short par 4s, some of which are undoubtedly fun to play, but overall it's just too much of a good thing. Which is a pity, because some of the longer holes are really good, for example the fourth hole on the A loop. It's a medium-length par 5, but with a 90 degree dogleg left near the green, which entices not only longhitters to go diagonally.

Unfortunately both loops start with a cardinal routing sin in that the play straight up, straight down and again straight up the hill as three side-by-side holes. The stadium-like site would have been utilised much better with a terraced design over 9 holes, which would have left room for a public par 3 course. Had that gotten the same high quality shaping as the main course, it could have been a unique selling point. As it is, the 18 holes are professionally done and certainly not of the boring sort. But in terms of risk/reward the course tends to err on the side of caution, so aggressive players are rarely looking at big numbers. And even with 18 shortish holes it could be an entertaining everyday track, if it weren't for the routing blunders.