A wonderfully exciting course situated on top of a range of hills bordering the Rhine river. Many trees have been cleared, but it is a heavily forested area, so the course suffers in wet conditions. But after a couple of dry days it is a joy to play and the narrow, steep road leading up to the clubhouse is a harbinger of things to come. The site is more of a peak than a plateau, so there is not a single flat hole on the course, but despite some cliff-hanging slopes it can be walked.

The dramaturgy of the routing is nearly ideal: it starts reasonably and then injects more and more quirk up to the 5th hole and eases off again for a while. The craziest stretch are then holes 10, 11 and 12, followed again by some that are easier to digest. Although 17 and 18 turn it up again, they're both a little too short to really make a splash. Still, they're memorable enough to sustain the atmosphere and do provide a fun finish in match play. The best word to describe this layout is probably "imaginative" and although the terrain takes no prisoners, it is not so severe as to cause any detriments to playability.