Hamburger Land- und Golfclub Hittfeld is the first golf course to be built in Germany after World War II and the last course that John Morrison built there. It's a slightly difficult site in some foothills south of Hamburg, but it is all in one piece and could have been made to work. However, the clubhouse and the practice facilities were built in the wrong place and bisect the property in a way that the last three holes were split off from the rest of the course. The 16th is a stupid par 3 trying to be a quirky classic. It looks nice, but is entirely devoid of strategy. It's a long, steeply uphill hole, but there is no bailout whatsoever for average hitters, who can't reach the putting surface with an iron. The 17th and 18th are competent par 4s, but after climbing up the steep hill and ending up on the clubhouse terrace, not all players will feel motivated to play down the hill and back up once more.

The first 11 holes are great. Although the rolling topography necessitates some climbing, most of it is over the first two holes and there is actually room for strategic play. David Krause's renovation work has done away with a lot of trees, but more need to go to provide much-needed wind and sun for some fairways. But the playing angles are mostly fine and certainly better than on many classic courses. If only the entire course were like that, but holes 12-14 are open parkland holes and look out of place. The 12th, which plays along the edge of the landforms of the 11th, thereby retaining a bit of character, is far too long and "lop-sided" to have options. The 13th is a standard par 3 over water and more mindless hitting is required on the 14th with is flat fairway and American style bunkering. And while the 15th is a quirky, short par 5 that resonates well with the first 11, it is also the end of the reasonable part of the site.

On the plus side, the soil is quite good, there is a bit of sand underfoot and the greens are in good shape. While the course does not play firm and fast, it is dry enough for a long golf season. And the sky will be the limit once the right concept for the routing materialises.