Harthausen occupies a property that is slightly on the small side for 18 holes, but it is close to Munich and thus has all the chances to be massively successful. However, the architecture is completely misguided, as it tries to force something onto the land that it really can't support. This leads to all kinds of compromises, the biggest of which is an awful walk that has to be negotiated twice: from green 9 out to tee 10 and then back from green 17 to tee 18. The site is acutally perfectly contiguous with nothing preventing the design of 18 connecting holes.

The next problem is the apparent desire to have at least a few excessively long holes, which perhaps was thought to make up for the rest of the holes being on the short side, thus ending up with an average-length course on average. However, the real result is that the handful of long holes appear contrived and laborious, while taking up so much space that the rest of the course is hemmed in. So instead of having 18 fascinating and tricky holes of short to medium length, the club now has not a single quirky hole and little replay value.

Undoubtedly, much can be attributed to a small budget, but so close to a wealthy metropolitan area this seems odd, plus the price to play here or be a member is quite steep for such a basic layout. Certainly, a much better job can be done and has been done in many places with even less money. That being said, conditioning is actually pretty decent and it seems to be a friendly place in general. Just a pity that more hasn't been made of this opportunity. The canvas was blank and unfortunately still is.