Located in the Gog Magog Hills overlooking Cambridge. The course has a reputation for being hilly, but only the first two holes play aggressively uphill. They are followed by 14 moderately undulated holes on top of a plateau, before the final two holes plunge back down to the clubhouse.

The Gog Magog Hills are free-draining downland, so playing characteristics are very good for an inland site. The course has been overhauled a number of times, but some old-style peculiarities still exist. Downhill putts on the second green will never stop and many holes have bunkers in the line of play. Perhaps here or there the most impractical edges have been taken off, but it still plays true to its name.

All in all it's hard to find fault with the course, the layout is certainly interesting and plays firm enough to create ground game options. While it is tight in parts, a missed fairway does not automatically mean big trouble, so most tee shots will be in play. It would need a bit more length to stand up to the best players, but the club has a second, modern course called Wandlebury for just that. As for the Old Course, it's really good, but perhaps lacking just a few percent here and there to compete with the really big boys.