This course is a tough test of target golf, which is unusual for a large, commercial resort, where many guests will struggle on such a penal layout. The idea probably was that weaker players would seek out one of the other tracks, but since the Schloss course is also visually the most beautiful, this particular hope is forlorn. Another unusual practice is that the first four holes are among the hardest of the round.

The styling of the course is perhaps a little bit too American, but not overly so. It certainly is not as open as the other courses, which in a resort scenario helps to create a better atmosphere. There's a good flow to the routing, but the individual hole strategies are mostly set up to reward conservative play. Only very good players can attack here, there is water and rough everywhere and the bunkers have real teeth. It's a good test of golf and the scenery is nice, but ultimately it is more work than play.