A fairly undulating course on two levels with a good, but not excellent routing. There is a bit too much walking involved in getting from the lower to the upper level and back, including a very steep descent, which screams for a dropshot hole. Although some transitions are fairly good, for example those around the turn, the few jarring stretches cannot be overlooked. And that's a pity, because the hole designs are for the most part very good to great.

The course is not long, the greens are mostly flat and the bunkering is relatively placid, so it's mostly up to the sloping terrain to provide the necessary defenses. It's worth noting, though, that there are a number of ponds that are integrated so effectively that they add a lot of interest. This is a rarity in modern golf, where water features are mostly penal and placed for visuals rather than strategic value.

In all, this is a pretty fun course with a number of unusual holes, lots of quirk and fine views of the countryside. There is some steepness involved, but not an inordinate amount. While it's always tough to change the routing, how about losing all of the bunkers and gaining a few more interesting greens instead?