This rather rustic course sits in one of Germany's most sought after regions, close to Munich and Lake Tegernsee. The views are beautiful, even though the mountains are not visible from every hole. The only disturbance is the busy district road, which cuts through the course and on week-ends can make the 17th a unique auditory experience. Nevertheless, there are many worse places to play golf.

Unfortunately the design cannot keep pace with the spectacular surroundings, especially on the front 9, where there are a lot of very similar side-by-side holes without any strategic merits. It does get a lot better from the 9th and 12 through 16 play on a little plateau on the other side of the road. These holes have the best views and there are also some moderate undulations to make things more interesting.

It has to be said that the site could accommodate a much better routing, even though it's basically farmland. But conditioning isn't actually half-bad, so it's really the design that limits the course's appeal. It's still a fun track to negotiate, but the main obstacles are pure, unadulterated length, way too many white stakes and, depending on the season, more or less heavy rough off the fairway. Budgets are always a concern, but in this case it would not take a fortune to make major progress.