This used to be called (more or less affectionately) the Duffers' Course, but over time it was enlarged from 12 to 18 holes and made a full member of the St Andrews roster. Today some even call it the toughest course at St Andrews, perhaps because it is closer to the sea and more exposed to the elements than its sibling courses.

In any event, it is a fine links course with many good and a few outstanding holes. However, as such it's a bit of a mixed bag at St Andrews, where the prime golfing land on the peninsula could also accommodate a world class course, as the Old Course proves. The influx of tourist money has undoubtedly been good to the Jubilee, which probably is the best course it can be without totally redoing it. The green complexes are in perfect shape and while this is expected at St Andrews, it seems no small feat considering the amount of traffic.

There is just enough variation in the hole designs to keep it interesting and a few holes are downright quirky for St Andrews standards. As far as corporate identity goes, it's a winner. But it seems that only one course at St Andrews is allowed to have its own, distinct character - and it ain't the Jubilee. Still, it's absolutely worth playing, a good, interesting challenge and some nice views are provided. Sometimes "what might have been" clouds judgment of a perfectly fine product, whereas under different expectations it might shine much brighter.