A charming course near the river Danube - the second longest river in Europe. The front 9 play up and down a hillside and feature great views into the valley, whereas the back 9 are mostly flat and laid out next to the Danube.

A number of holes are pretty good and the routing follows the natural contours quite nicely. Perhaps a bit too nicely here and there, resulting in a couple of severe holes on the front 9. However, the architect gets the climbs out of the way early, so from #6 on it's downhill or even.

On the other hand the Danube holes could be made more of considering the prime location. Perhaps a minor squabble in the grand scheme of things, but a letdown towards the end of the round has a disproportionate effect on the overall experience. There is simply not enough room between river and clubhouse, so the final two holes are pretty cramped.