A wide open layout set in one of the flatter regions of the Alps, but with some impressive mountains nearby. Were it not for those vistas most of the course would be rather bland. As it is, the somewhat repetetive golf takes a back seat to the enjoyment of the natural surroundings.

There is very little that gets in the golfer's way, certainly the conditioning is first rate and searching for balls is kept to a minimum (losing balls isn't necessarily, there are a number of ponds). The only exception to the general formula are the greens: they are extremely hard to read and making putts from any distance is a huge challenge. This is probably overdone.

The last three holes are the most interesting, since they bring some strategy or at least a visual edge to the table. If the entire course were like that, it would be one heck of a layout. It's still fun to play due to its forgiving nature outside of the greens and the fantastic views.