At first this site appears to be disappointingly flat, but that is only around the clubhouse. Further out the terrain becomes more interesting, although it never leaves the mellow category. Consequently the course is very walkable and the holes connect effortlessly with the exception of green 9 to tee 10. A short walk past the driving range is necessary, but golfers are asked to stop at the halfway house anyway, so this is not a big deal.

What's more of a problem is that the course plays very long. Average hitters will pull their fairway woods or hybrids more often than their irons. This makes for some repetetive golf, especially on the back nine. On the positive side the entire area appears to be far away from the hustle and bustle of Munich, even though it is only a short drive. But Egmating is a very rural place with the castle as its centrepiece.

Between the pastoral look-and-feel and the stately castle the club patterned the maintenance meld after the latter. There is nothing raw or rough about the course, everything is under perfect control and the greens, while not overly fast or undulated, are a boon for good putters.

There is an additional 9 hole executive course on site, this review is for the 18 hole championship course.