There is litle room for golf in this mountainous region, but the town of Scheidegg sits on a sunny plateau and that makes its course suprisingly walkable. The charming, almost bunkerless 9 holer plays on a very small property around a small hill. The first three holes, green 9 and the practise facilities utilise the space in front of the hill, while the rest of the action takes place on the back side. This means two par 5s in the first three holes and a longer walk to tee #4, but for some reason this patchy routing works much better than expected.

Part of the reason why are certainly the variable and occasionally spectacular hole designs. There's not really a weak hole except maybe #9, although it has a redeeming quality in that it looks like the narrowest sliver of fairway ever from above - when passing it first on the way out. So it's something to look forward to, only to find out on tee #9 that the fairway is a lot wider than it previously looked.

Naturally, considering the site, there are more par 3s and short par 4s than usual, but none of them feel repetetive or otherwise defective. However, greens that are a little faster and a little less bumpy would add another dimension to the challenge.