A natural and uncompromisingly traditional links, where weirdness and the wind rule supreme. It is set on an exposed and hilly dunescape, far above the town of Perranporth and its beach. There are so many blind shots that the marker posts had to be numbered, lest the golfer should hit over the wrong one.

Dunes come into play on every hole, so the course was designed essentially bunkerless. There are a few sand traps, but they do not get much play and are largely unnecessary, as the wildly sloping terrain can defend any green - especially those at Perranporth, whose internal contours are of the bewildering variety.

Length is not a factor in itself, although there will always be some holes that play like a dog into the wind. The blindness is not that much of a problem either, but naturally the first-time player will lose a ball here or there. The variety and quirk of the layout is its strong point: there is hardly a boring hole and the constant up and down provides a good exercise as well.