This may just be the oldest existing 18 hole par 3 course in the world. The yardages fall between a small pitch and a full iron shot, but so close to the coast there can be a bit of wind about to change things up. A Lord Northcliffe had this course built at the same time he commissioned the main course next to it.

Even though the player would not need more than three or four clubs to cover all the distances from the tee, there is still a variation of shots to be played due to the firm and fast nature of the soil. Some holes go downhill and are very hard not to overshoot even with a small pitch and others play uphill to a green with considerable fall-offs. However, for putting to be a true challenge on the undulated greens they would have to be a bit faster.

The bunkering is surprisingly severe, especially for beginners, who on some holes would have little chance to avoid the traps. This may be intentional to prepare beginning golfers for the main course, but cross-bunkering on short par 3s doesn't do much for better or even just average players. The same goes for hitting off mats, they are used in place of regular, grassed tees.

It's a nice feature that this course has been sustained for so long and never been ploughed under to extend the main course or build other amenities. With Lord Northcliffe's name on it since 1998 its future seems secure. The patch of land is good, but perhaps a 9 hole course would have been more appropriate in order to avoid the mats and the rather awkward criss-crossing between holes.