A delightful, if somewhat basic, 9 holer in the middle of Germany's principal heathland area, the L√ľneburger Heide. The course was built in the 1960s by the British military, when heathland wasn't viewed as the sacred natural treasure it is today. Hopes for turning it into a full-fledged venue of international repute are obviously slim, although the site certainly has the potential.

It plays firm and fast in many spots, although maintenance practices are clearly home-made and the greens leave something to desire. The trump card, besides the natural setting, is the remoteness of the place and the down-to-earth mentality of the club. It's exhilarating to play here as a guest for small coin, but the slightly unimaginative routing does not bode well for club members. It's not much of a consolation that they have different tees on every hole to make the back nine less repetetive.