A 27 hole complex, of which the white and red loop constitute the main course. It's a typical parkland setting, rather flat and quite open, thus inviting some creative play. Conditioning is excellent and the greens provide interesting undulations, whereas the bunkers usually don't do much besides sitting there. A handful of holes are affected by ponds, so all in all there is a little bit of everything.

That being said, the course lacks drama and strategic options. It will rarely punish the wayward ball, so longhitters have a distinct advantage here, especially since the layout isn't exactly short. The par 3s vary between long and longer and the par 5s, while three shotters for the average player, do little to make the flatbellies think.

Still, Montecchia does make for enjoyable holiday golf, there is enough variation between the holes to keep the round from dragging along. Ball searching is kept to a minimum and tee to green walks are usually short. The aesthetics are not overly remarkable, but pleasing enough in their subdued naturalness. It's a generous course without any glaring weaknesses.