Set high above Lake Millstatt in one of the most popular regions of Austria, this golf course is hard to believe. The terrain is so undulating that most of the front 9 appear to hang in thin air and yet the architects have managed to create a playable and walkable loop. There are some exacting climbs to be sure, but none just to get to the next hole - it's all fairways and greens.

The back 9 is a different animal: first, it's a decent struggle to get there from green #9, but it does relent quite a bit after that. Even though these holes would be considered undulating on any other course, here they appear quite mellow after the wild ride over the front 9. But this should not distract from the fact that there is some very creative and thrilling golf to be played here as well.

Like most courses in Austria this one is meticulously maintained with very speedy greens - as if the challenge posed by the terrain wasn't enough. Perhaps the only let-down is that the last mile or so meanders a bit aimlessly about the site, but how many courses can boast even one genuine world-class hole? This track has several.