One of the most generous courses anywhere, but still very walkable. The front 9 is a huge loop with no adjacent fairways, there is just the golfer and his game. The feeling of spaciousness doesn't go away on the back 9, although some holes do meet in a few spots.

It is generally a sound layout on gently undulating terrain, perhaps lacking a bit of drama and some holes aren't the most strategic. The mowing lines are off as well, sometimes the fairway bunkers are surrounded by large areas of penal rough, which increases the size of the hazard disproportionately. The course has enough short grass, but needs to make besser use of it.

The vastness of the site also calls for bolder features. Restraint is often a good thing in golf architecture, but not at the expense of scale. What is built should harmonise with what is already there. That being said, the course certainly delivers about as much remoteness as possible in an industrial nation and that makes it very enjoyable. But more would have been possible on this site.