A tale of two Nines, if there ever was one. The front 9 are flat, boring, uninspired and generally appear to have been cobbled together with a small budget and even smaller talent. The back 9 are short, wild, quirky and exciting - and also rather more challenging. The Alpine views are best from the clubhouse terrace, but the course itself is in a nice enough location to nurse some natural beauty of its own.

There isn't much to say about the front 9 (the newer holes). It's on the other side of the access road and feels not only totally disconnected, but also like it doesn't belong. If the club didn't already have a driving range, then this loop could play the role of an extensive warm-up program, before stepping onto the 10th tee. From thereon in no shot - and especially no tee shot - is without its problems. Balls can be lost off just slightly miscued drives, but there is always a possibility to play it safe. Few players will, though, because the tempation of producing a spectacular blow is just too big.

The maintenance of the course is quite good, but not to the point of appearing unnatural or manicured. Truth be told, there is some blindness and the usual rumours of "unfair" and "unwalkable" abound, but both are entirely untrue and likely originating with golfers not playing within themselves.