With suitable sites for new courses becoming rarer all the time, this project exemplifies newfound approaches to planning by making use of a renaturalised landfill for much of the back 9. The first half of the round plays in and around a former quarry.

As could be expected the quarry terrain lends itself to spectacular golf and the routing makes full use of it with no less than four extreme drop shot holes. Strategic thinking will usually dictate a conservative approach due to the severe landforms that will gladly engulf errant balls. As much fun as these holes are, they are also relatively short. After a while the visual appeal wears off and questions of variety and more freedom to play arise. The landfill holes later in the round provide some of that, although they are also rather severe in parts. They basically play on and around a conical hill and actually feature quite a bit of blindness.

The last two holes return to the quarry for a final cliff-hanging experience and the trek from green #18 back up to the clubhouse is quite the beast. But with the exception of a minor death march between holes #2 and #3 the layout does work in terms of walking.

As of now the novelty factor does impress and, despite being short from the member tees, it is a tough challenge for anyone. Birdie opportunities are everywhere, but unsightly large numbers are never far off. This is definitely not an ordinary golf course, but long-term playability issues may arise. Firm and fast would certainly be a hellish proposition on such a target golf oriented site.