Leven in two words: what greens! They are not just large, they are positively huge and play lightning fast. The undulations are some of the most baffling outside the Old Course in nearby St Andrews. On many holes it is an achievement just to chip or pitch it on and two-putt. Has to be seen to be believed.

Aside from the putting surfaces it is an old-style layout and not short on quirk at all. There are some dunes providing separation, but also the occasional split fairway, where a risk/reward decision has to be made for the drive. Gorse abounds, as well as it should on a traditional links, but it is not excessively penal, so most golfers will be able to get their ball into play. Still, the occasional "lost ball on the fairway" can occur, when the fairway has not been made out correctly on the tee.

There is a slight problem with the turf here and there, it is not always the great links surface to be expected so close to the beach. Some grasses are rather lush, especially on the newer, inlandish holes and ferns are definitely not indicative of dunesland. The links fairways, on the other hand, can be somewhat bare, which is neither uncommon, nor problematic for links turf, but it does provide a stark contrast to the greener pastures on some of the other holes. However, these issues are largely aesthetic, they do not affect playability very much.

In all, Leven is definitely a unique experience. Most everyone should love the quaint layout and lovers of the flat stick will find a stern challenge. Presumably, an elderly Leven member will quite handily beat any old longhitter on this course.