This mountain course has one great access road, it gets progressively smaller and steeper and there just seems to be absolutely no room for a golf course anywhere. Even from the parking lot nothing can be seen and from the clubhouse only the 18th green is in view. But once on the course magnificent Alpine views appear, thanks to the considerable elevation over the major city of Innsbruck. Unfortunately the small plateau is on the northern slopes of the Inn valley, so the sun has a hard time drying out the soil. Due to the altitude the tree density is not quite as high, but the fairways running along the edges of the property are often heavily overshadowed. It is certainly one of the more difficult mountain sites ever to host an 18 hole golf course.

Naturally, it is not a long course, but instead of embracing the concept of short and quirky, it has been attempted to artificially lengthen a number of holes. The last thing that a golfer navigating severe terrain needs is to backtrack and/or climb up to a panorama tee. Instead, the focus should be to provide the most seamless flow possible and avoid steep transitions wherever possible. The result on a spectacular site will be spectacular enough, so it is usually best to err on the side of walkability. That being said, it is only a couple of holes and one or two transitions, where the desire for great golf has trumped sanity and reason. For the most part the scenery carries the day.

Rinn is certainly a memorable destination for a summer getaway, especially when it's hot in the valley. But the members undoubtedly face many a grim day and difficult conditions in the shoulder seasons.