This course is located in the foothills between Lake Starnberg and Ammersee, two of the three largest Bavarian lakes. The tiny entrance road winds across severe terrain that cannot possibly house a golf course and suspicions arise that HohenpƤhl must surely be one hell of a challenge to navigate. But in the end it turns out that the wildest part is the path from the parking lot to the clubhouse, whereas the layout itself is undulated, but never steep or exhausting. It's still a difficult site, though, and the out-and-back loop acommodates only 16 holes. Therefore the 17th and 18th were added as back and forth holes, which can only be described as a critical mistake and many don't bother to play them. The routing of those two holes is just plain bad and the fun factor too low, even though the terrain has potential.

The 16 hole loop has a number of interesting holes, though, and surprisingly only one really short par 4. It seems as if the architect was out to prove something. Perhaps it would have been better to accept a few shorter holes in order to get all 18 into the mix. Nevertheless, it's a fun course with some unusual moments and pretty good greens. Maintenance is totally acceptable, if a bit on the soft side, which may have to do with the soil. It's not quite enough for hidden gem status, but in any event it's a lot more playable than the craggy site seems to suggest. And the natural beauty of the surroundings are also a definite asset, even if the really wide views are mostly blocked by trees or hills. But it's a very peaceful place and an ideal members' course that won't get boring after a few plays.