This is an actual "Field of Dreams" project, designed and built by two golf enthusiasts with no money or prior experience. Today the club is commercially successful and respected in the area for its sporty attitude towards the game. The pinnacle of the Greeneagle project is the North Course, that put in a bid for the Ryder Cup 2018. But the course that started it all is the South Course and that is no slouch either.

The water table at the site is so high, that building a lake is just a matter of digging a hole and waiting a few days. And that is what the course looks like today - water everywhere. Many greens are defended by frontal ponds or ditches, many fairways lined by lateral water. There are also some trees and bunkers, but the wet element definitely plays first fiddle here. And second fiddle is reserved for the greens: Tour-like speed and biting undulations are the order of the day. Definitely not something the average golfer is used to, so the course has real teeth.

The downside is that there is not much variety, the site is completely flat and playing over water, as exciting as it is in small doses, does get old at some point. Golf at Greeneagle is more a clinical examination of skill than a multi-dimensional experience.