There used to be a somewhat decent 18 holer on this site, which now accommodates two 18 hole courses with this one being the shorter of two short courses. Were it not for a few longer holes that were retained from the previous layout, it could legitimately be called an executive course. Some of the holes even had to be artificially roped in by hedges or trees, otherwise play would be criss-crossing all over the place.

With its modest length it is a rather untypical 18 holer in Germany, so it might become popular with beginning or fading golfers. But there is definitely not enough interest on and around the greens to provide a good practice regimen for better players. Of the six par 3s only the last one has any teeth and that hole was retained from the old course. The best holes are the par 5s and they are no world-beaters either. But at least the two on the back nine are legitimate three-shotters.

There are no downright annoying situations or positively obnoxious experiences to be had, but that is about all that can be said about this effort at golf architecture.