This is another one of those stretched-out, flattish, high-end championship courses that hope to stage professional tournaments and try to cater to average players with unpopular middle tees. And yet it is a pretty good course within the "long and sprawling" category. Especially the first half dozen holes are fairly interesting, even though it must be said that the blocking row of trees does get a bit old after a while. Unfortunately there are some filler holes in the middle, where there really is no strategy except to hit it far and straight. This is unfortunate, because some holes prove that it is possible to design long holes that have options even for average hitters.

The signature holes are 9 and 18, both end up in front of the clubhouse with a double green of sorts and both are the hardest holes on their side of the card. This is due to being excessively long, but also paved with water features that can force a lot of lay ups. Which makes those already very long holes even longer. While these are good designs, it would be nice to add some playability and give some of the shorter holes similar strategic qualities.

Conditioning is fairly impeccable, although definitely on the soft side, as would be expected from a venue with that kind of standing. So it's definitely worth playing on a sunny day, but it's not the stuff of legends, where players sneak out in any kind of weather just to experience the hype.