This is a very thoughtfully designed course on a site with complexities. The access road cuts right through the property, so 9 holes were built on either side of it, leading to an unsavory walk between #9 and #10. To make matters worse, #9 is steeply uphill and #10 the weakest hole on the course. Apart from that nuisance around the turn, the site was used to its full potential and gave up a couple of unique holes.

Variability is generally the strength of this course, many holes are memorable and there is hardly any repetition. Except that for some reason the par 3s were built to two lengths only, which would have been easy to avoid. But the holes themselves have enough character and very distinctive looks, so most players would probably still come away impressed with Ebersberg's set of one shotters. The longer holes are often doglegged and all about playing angles. All too often such holes are boring for average hitters, because their landing areas - as opposed to those for longhitters - are too small to make a strategic difference. But here it's decision time for everyone, because many holes can be significantly shortened by flirting with disaster. It's the rare case of accurate driving being important not because of tight holes, but because of strategic options on wide fairways.

The course has a somewhat rough appearance to it, which helps it blend in with the decidedly rural surroundings. But that is only the outwards look. The greens are in fact very firm and tilted instead of undulated. This means that all putts will be either with or against or sideways through a slope and they will be fast. Good putters can make a bunch and offset some of their almost inevitable three putts. And it's not just the flat stick, rather the entire short game needs to be on a different level than what most golfers are used to.

From parking lot to clubhouse to the 9 hole executive course, the visitor will find this to be a very comfortable and unassuming place with a lot of hidden quality beneath the unpretentious surface. The championship course is certainly challenging, but it's not stern. The somewhat taxing terrain does take its toll, but there's a lot of fun to be had and the 19th hole is close to ideal.