A rural course that is situated in slightly rolling terrain with a few awkward connections between holes. What's more, the entire ensemble with clubhouse, hotel, course and driving range is quite discontiguous, undoubtedly owing to the fact that it grew naturally from an agricultural nucleus.

There is ample room to play on most holes, the rough is down, blindness is kept to a minimum and the player searching for his ball will usually be successful. Variety is not the course's strength though. There are a number of very similar holes, starting with the fact that three of the four par 3s are almost identical in length. Three holes are too long altogether, the average player will not be able to play them strategically, but instead have to hit all he has in the bag - repeatedly.

However, the scenery is rather charming, what with the three hilltop castles that the region is famous for and the complete absence of modern plagues like traffic noise or industry. Still, the green complexes are a bit simplistic and there isn't much going on in the fairways either. The course doesn't get in the way of the player, which can be seen as a positive, but ultimately there are a few too many filler holes.