This 36 hole resort in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps features four seperate 9 hole loops that can be combined as required. The Red and Blue loop are considered to make up the main course, with the Silver being a fun track to add on anytime. Only the Green loop doesn't quite make the cut for high class holiday golf, as it has a few too many annoying holes.

As befits an Alpine course, there are grandiose mountain views to all sides and the orientation of the property is such that they can be enjoyed from many holes. The golfer rarely gazes directly into the sun, which is an often overlooked routing detail that they completely nailed here. Even though there are 36 holes that run in every imaginable direction, they can all be played in at least decent lighting conditions. And it almost never feels cramped due to the generous site. It's suprisingly flat, though, which makes cart traffic easier, but robs the connoisseur of the third dimension.

Due to the dry climate the golf season is fairly long here, so a lot of wear and tear is coming from the two on-site hotels that are almost exclusively filled with golfers. Considering this predicament the maintenance standards are very appropriate and the course plays nice and firm. While the greens could in places be more interesting, they roll true and have enough subtle undulations to be relevant. In all, this is holiday golf as it should be - challenging, but not stressful, in great surroundings with generous playing areas and variable enough to foster repeat play.