This is a rural 9 hole course on a relatively small and undulated site. While the terrain has some potential for exciting golf holes, it wasn't used perfectly here. For example, the first hole is a long and pointless uphill struggle, just so that the course can have a par 5. The second part of the 7th hole, on the other hand, is too severely tilted to keep the ball in play even with a conservative strategy. The 4th hole is a dead end par 3, which has to be walked back from the green to the tee in order to continue. And the final three holes are on a different plot on the other side of the clubhouse. An expansion to 18 holes over adjacent land would probably have brought everything together, but planning permission wasn't obtained.

Nevertheless, there is some interesting golf to be played as it is. While ground game options are limited, there is enough movement in the fairways and around the greens to make things interesting. The four par 3s are all different, one uphill, one sidehill and two downhill with different lengths. And a few of the challenges aren't obvious at all, such as how to deal with the pond on the last hole or where to place the drive on the wide 7th. Unfortunately, most holes are flanked by ball-eating rough, which is relatively disappointing on an undulated site, where the fairway is easy to miss even with a good shot. So while this is not a bad course, it could be better with a different routing and sensible mowing lines.