This is actually a pretty sophisticated course from a constructional point of view, but it has serious issues in the design department. Simply put, the course is too long from any tee. There are at least six par 4s that average hitters cannot reach in regulation - for short hitters the situation is even worse. Therefore the course consists of 10-12 par 5s for 90% of the golfing population.

Variety isn't helped by the many lakes either. First, they actually move a few more holes out of reach by requiring an aerial approach over water, which in most cases leads to a forced layup. And second, there is a repetetive tee shot on several holes, where the fairway curves to the right and has water all along the right side.

As could be expected from an American style design, there is a lot of mounding, so the course doesn't appear as flat as it actually is. If it weren't for a number of pylons, the "stroll in the park" would also look pretty good. Maintenance is fine as well and the heavy soil drains better than most of its type.

To sum it up: longhitters might have fun on this track, as they will be challenged to hit a few mid or long irons for a change. Everyone else will hit hybrid or fairway wood for the second shot on most holes.