The club is one of the oldest in Germany and dates back to the end of the 19th century. However, golf at the present site is played "only" since 1926 and for several decades after World War II the 27 holes were split between the American military and local golfers. Today's main course consists of 9 holes from 1926 (C. S. Butchart) and 9 holes from 1930 (Colt / Morrison) with the remaining 9 Butchart holes making up the secondary course.

The site is U-shaped, which makes routing extremely difficult and it is a small wonder that it could be done at all without introducing a lot of walking. The two keys were that the 9 hole course remained on one flank of the U and the other 18 holes were routed out and back, so they had to traverse the narrow connector between the two flanks only once. The result is much more than a good compromise, it can stand with the best parkland routings anywhere. Necessarily most holes are side by side affairs, but they are so cleverly built along some natural landforms that it hardly ever becomes apparent. All this was achieved without skimping on fairway width except perhaps on the second hole, that runs "Out" through the narrowest part of the site and needs to accommodate the "In" hole (the fantastic par 3 17th). In many places the holes are seperated by mature trees, but they are sparse and the undergrowth is cleared, so errant shots can be recovered and in many cases played forward heroically.

As is usual for Harry Colt, he used the best greensites for the par 3s, although the 8th and 14th with their natural bowl setting are perhaps too similar in length. Other than that the variety is good and the property - while generally flat - is interesting enough to provide strategic angles without introducing a barrage of bunkers. The newly rebuilt greens deserve a special mention, too, as they are a joy to putt on and their moderate undulations match those of the surrounding terrain very well. The only worry could be the soil. While it has a bit of sand in it, there appears to be little wind and limited sun across the site. Maintenance is very good, though.