This is a nice, old-fashioned club with quite a pleasurable course. It's quirky, undulated and well-groomed, while at the same time challenging for any level of player. Local knowledge certainly pays off, as there are a number of blind or otherwise unclear situations. But reasonable players should get around without major problems, although there are some very tight spots. Selective tree management on part of the club seems in order.

The best part is the routing, which flows effortlessly over the quite elusive site. It's definitely a course for the walking golfer, progress is organic and natural, there is hardly any unproductive scampering about. The hole designs are pretty interesting where the terrain dictates it and more conventional in other places, but they are always fun to play.

The greens are pretty difficult - very quick and undulated, so even the shorter holes are no bargain at all. Bad Neuenahr is a good all-around test of golf, perhaps lacking a few percent here or there to really threaten the world-class, but certainly very worthwile.